Artifacts recovered on Boz Pity

Flame Idol – This small statue is a representation of an old Correllian god Growlithe, a god of fire. It was a favored relic of the Sith Lord Darth Hondun. Increases one’s ability to project Force Fire.

The HUD – A rare example of a techno artifact created by Jedi Knight Milliaw Axton a Human from Wayland. The HUD is actually a datapad, but if given a map of it’s current location it will display the location of every living being and droid in a 10 meter radius.

Screaming Choker – Created by Darth Sirenill a Human from Eriadu. This unadorned black choker allowed Sirenill to willingly create a Force Scream and not suffer from it’s normal effects herself.

The Crown of Ulyoath – Of unknown origins this crown was possessed by Darth Pyramis. It’s specific effects are unknown but he was known to have commanded an army of Crystalline Spiders during the Sith/Jensaarai war.

Jedi Holocron – A holocron of Jedi Master Aeris Nightwind, a human male. He was alleged to have been killed in the Purge and was supposedly a member of the Jedi Council.

Sith Holocron – The holocron of Sith Lord Hondun.

Blue Lightsaber – A hilt done in sea shell and seemingly engraved with a story. Belonged to Tanis Waverider a Jedi alleged to have been killed in the Purge.

Dark Red Lightsaber – The lightsaber of Aeris Nightwind, a black hilt engraved in pearlescent filigree

Gold Lightsaber – The lightsaber of Darth Hondun. The hilt is black with silver inlay looking like moon phases.

Purple Lightsaber – The lighsaber of Darth Sirenill. The hilt is silver with amethyst adornments.

Artifacts recovered on Boz Pity

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