Fear and Loathing in Mos Eisley

Grave Concerns

Remnants of the Past

While on Uvena III the crew uses Victus’ family connections to score an old Z-95 headhunter and get info on the Squibs or Ugors. It turns out the Victus pack does do business with the Squibs contracted to the empire and can get them a meeting with the squibs to try and locate the wreckage of the Deathstar and get a lead on the last known whereabouts of General Kenobi. They may also pickup an artificial gravity device from the Death Star to pay off Thaden’s newly acquired Z-95.

ADAM manages to smelt down the slug rounds from the STARS rifle and makes a bracelet for Alma. The bracelet has the desired effect of cutting her off from the Force. However, it seems Alma is partially Blind and Deaf without the Force or she has been so reliant on it that her natural senses have atrophied.

Before talking with the squib Alma mentions she can hear someone on the surface of the planet. There is a crazed voice below speaking of having to “leave them behind” and lamenting that he coud not “stand and fight with them”. Alma is not keen to speak with the crazed voice so the crew meet with the eccentric junk worshippers known as the squib on a spacestation above Raxas Prime. King Emveedeeveedeebeedee, high chieftain of the great squibs offer to let the crew pilgrimage to the planet’s surface and make offerings if they wish to become part of the tribe. They receive a great discount on becoming tribe due to Doak honoring the great chieftain with a shiny pen.

The crew is about to make planet fall and look for the Death Star when they finally decide to ask about it. As it turns out the squib do not have this wreckage. Their rivals, the Ugors, stole the wreckage before they had a chance to salvage it. They agree to bring back a holy artifact from the wreckage for the squibs in exchanged for the location of the Ugor’s trash pile.

Keeping a safe distance from the ring of trash that orbits the Ugor planet, the crew observe the garbage patrols and manage to figure out the timing of the pattern of the patrols. They managed to land the ship on the remains of the Death Star unnoticed. The docking bay is still filled with dead and dismembered Storm Troopers and officers. ADAM is able to run some scans and find a working data port and Jake is able to slice into it.

It appears as if all files pertaining to General Kenobi were purged from the Death Star. However it also appears that the data was downloaded to someone’s personal quarters before the purge. Before the crew really get a chance to explore they are attacked by a group of feral droids. Void droids, as they are known, droids gone too long without human contact or memory wipes forced to survive by scavenging power packs and other droids. Led by Dr. Ball they demand the crew surrender ADAM and the powerpacks from their blasters. The crew answer the droids by opening fire. After defeating the droids they decide to try and repair and scavenge the droids themselves.

Not knowing how long it will take and wanting to scavenge even more supplies the crew have the Captain, R5, and Alma leave the wreckage with a plan to come back between the patrols in another two hours. Alma is visibly disturbed by all those that died on board. D’jaliah makes sure Alma puts on the newly made Force blocking bracelet for the duration of their stay here.

The crew first makes their way to the quarters in which the data on Kenobi was downloaded. The come face to face with the mask of Vader and ADAM promptly shuts the door on him. After realizing the door isn’t opening on it’s own and they are not being hunted down they reopen and realize it is just a mask of vader floating in the low gravity with a cloak attached. The quarters seem very spartan with just a weird black egg like chamber in the middle. They manage to find a couple lock boxes at least one which they suspect will have a data pad with the data their looking for.

Moving on through the garbage chute they of course wind up finding a dianoga. As D’jaliah is fighting with it, Doak decides to help by throwing a huge chunk of trash at the mass of tentacles. The trash flies wild and D’jaliah must dodge out of it’s way or be bashed in the head by it. She managed to avoid the trash but loses her footing and falls into the trash pile, entangling herself in the tentacles. After a lot of bad noise, D’jaliah manages to rip the dianoga apart with her bare claws. Thinking Doak was trying to hurt D’jaliah, Jake shakes his hand and says “Welcome to the crew.”

The rest of the trip through the Death Star is uneventful as the crew grabs the parts they promised both to the squibs and the Shistavanen. They also take a little time to raid a medic bay and come away with a couple crates of medpacs and an intact bacta tank. The ship returns about on schedule and they begin to furiously load up. As they load the stormtrooper pieces began to reassemble themselves. Seems like Alma got bored keeping her bracelet on the whole time and now that they were back on the Death Star felt echoes in the Force from all those that once died. D’jaliah rushes to her quarters and puts the bracelet back on her before they find out just what the plan was after the dead reassembled themselves.

The crew managed to jump out before they are even noticed by the Ugors and manage to return to the squib and Uvena III. Back on Uvena they plan their next move. Finding Kenobi’s robe and lightsaber along with a datapad of the fight with Darth Vader they assume Kenobi is either dead or as Alma suggests may have shadow shifted away. As the whole point of this excursion was to find Alma someone to help her focus her Force powers. Alma also manages to teach the crew how to work Kenobi’s lightsaber given that it can only be switched on with the Force. This also sparks the latent Force powers in much of the crew.

When Doak gives a more thorough history lesson to the crew about what he knows of the Jedi and the purge D’jaliah makes a startling connection. The voice Alma heard above Raxas Prime could very well be a survivor of the Jedi purge. With that being their new best lead the crew heads back for the Squibs Junkyard Paradise.



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