Fear and Loathing in Mos Eisley

Finding Our Truth

Lost soul wrapped in shadows and nightmares

On their way to Tatooine, Thaden is awoken by something moving around in his locked quarters. Blaster drawn, Thaden turns on the lights and finds a Alma sleeping fitfully on his floor twitching as if she was having a nightmare. As shadowy tendrils retreat underneath his bed he cautiously awakens Alma who is as confused as he is as to how she got there. He takes her back to her room as a howl resounds throughout the ship, calling the crew to the cockpit.

The crew is surprised to find only R5 in the cockpit and not the captain. Turns out R5 has a prerecorded Shistavanen howl which is used to call the pack together. The captain is more than a little perturbed by this, but it is quickly overshadowed by what R5 shows them from the video feed to Alma’s room. As Alma’s nightmares started up the shadows in the room crept towards her until she was enveloped by them. As the shadows pull away again Alma is gone, as if they took her away. This happened only moments before Thaden awoke to find her in his room.

This only strengthens the crew’s resolve in finding someone that knows about the Force, and given the rumors of a General Kenobi having been spotted on Tatooine not long ago, Mos Eisley seems to be a good place to start searching. Jake and Thaden put out word that they’re looking to fence some Imperial goods and looking for any info on a General Kenobi. They are introduced to a man name Doak who has an in with the local Imperial garrison stationed on Tatooine to sell off their goods given that the local Imperials have trouble getting shipments in and are not above buying from smugglers. He also claims to be a researcher of the Jedi and if they can give him transport he’s willing to share what info he has on Kenobi and the Jedi.

Well still negotiating a pretty hefty chartering fee from Doak they agree to transport Doak to Correllia, despite their mistrust of researchers. He doesn’t scare Alma, but she does tug on D’jaliah’s tail and whisper to her, “He isn’t looking for a ride, he’s looking for the truth.” Alma herself doesn’t fully understand what this means, but D’jaliah seems to accept that Alma at least does not perceive him as a threat.

Back on board the ship while travelling to Correllia the crew discuss with Doak plans for locating Kenobi, including the possibility of searching the wreckage of the Death Star for any info on his last known whereabouts. The subject of Alderaan is brought up and while outwardly keeping his emotions in check it does stir up strong memories for Jake. Memories which Alma can’t help but latch on to. Shadows peel themselves off the wall, forming a floating globe in the middle of the room. D’jaliah attempts to snap Alma back to the present but when that proves unsuccessful instead slices at the globe. The shadow of Alderaan explodes knocking everyone in the room backwards. Doak getting hit worst of all and going unconscious.

D’jaliah patches everyone up and as they wake the Doak an excuse is made that they just hit some turbulence…in hyperspace…and a loose bulkhead hit him on the head. No one yet wanting to tell Doak everything about Alma. It’s also decided that maybe subjects like Alderaan shouldn’t be mentioned around Alma. Discussions are had all around while Alma is left to her own devices in D’jaliah’s quarters.

As they check on her before bedtime it appears Alma has plastered the room in pictures of eyes with the phrase “He sees me!” all around. She is huddled in a corner and very frightened. Turns out the cargo container she was kept in was lined with Mandalorian ore which has a Force negating component to it and it made her feel safe. D’jaliah calms her down until she sleeps and the rest of the trip to Correllia is blissfully uneventful.

While an agreement is made that they will likely be heading for Yavin to seek out the wreckage of the Death Star, D’jaliah is determined to keep the the terms of the charter contract in that it is fulfilled with them bringing Doak to Correllia and demands another charter fee if he wishes to accompany them to Yavin. Doak is not happy with the arrangement and leaves the ship claiming he will seek passage elsewhere. Of course due to a bit of local trouble Doak seems to have gotten himself in he decides leaving sooner is better than later and agrees to pay them once again.

Though having learned that the wreckage of the Death Star is likely in the hands of either the Squibs or the Ugors, they instead risk trusting one of R5’s alleged contacts and decide to try and speak with the Shistavanen pack that runs Victus Scapyards on Uvena III.

Before getting there Alma has another nightmare. This one summons something truly terrifying from the depths of her mind. It appears to be one of the doctors that experimented on her and he is covered in green glowing hypodermic needles that cover his body and are embedded in his eyes. It awakens Doak from his sleep and mistakenly calls him Alma. It charges at him and when Doak attempts to stab it, it dissipates into nothingness.

Doak and Thaden have a discussion on Alma while the girl practices her glaive training with D’jaliah and Jake. While neither side is 100% honest with each other, after looking at the hallway vids from the last night Thaden decides it may be for the best if they share a bit more about Alma. Another lengthy discussion ensues in which they determine that if there are uncontrollable Force outbursts on Alma’s part then they need to find a way to help her reign them in. Most options are varying degrees of difficult to impossible, but when they have ADAM do a sensor scan on the STARS rifle they discover it contained slugs made from the same Mandalorian ore as the box. There may be enough metal in it for ADAM to melt down and make a bracelet that could help Alma cut herself off from the Force and feel safer at night.

The crew then finds themselves arriving on Uvena III with a large welcoming committee. R5’s pack has come out to see their long gone pack brother come home. William Raynard Victus Senior, the elder of the pack comes out to greet him home. Turns out that R5 was built by the elder years ago and is considered his own son. The captain is left surprised by this and can only stare mouth agape at the little droid that would be wolf. Still questions are left for later as the Captain is busy greeting his own pack that traveled from Uvena Prime to meet with him so he could spend a bit of time with his own pup while in system.



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