Fear and Loathing in Mos Eisley

We Sell the Dead

Grave robbers from outerspace

In an alternate universe : Had D’jaliah, Doak, and Dayrius not warned Captain Ventoux about the trap awaiting them on Ceres spacestation the pack would not have survived. The captain would have called them from the spacestation but it would have been a dead Force puppet much like the remainder of the STARS team that had gone to retrieve Alma. He would have told the crew in a hollow voice that everything was fine there and they should join him as there was something they needed to see. One of Alma’s sisters might have been noticeable in the background mouthing the words the captain spoke…..

Meanwhile in the reality that is, back on Socorro Thaden wraps up his talk with Freya, and she continues her Flow Walk, where ever the currents of the Force may take her. Thaden and ADAM go to take the blaster parts to Swain Import/Export where they run into the crew’s old friends Memcha and Syychi. Memcha isn’t convinced Swain is what they say they are, as it’s supposed to be an art gallery that just took in a shipment of blaster parts. Memcha had received an invite to a special showing and is now asking Thaden to act as escort as she’s worried it’s not exactly on the up and up.

Thaden agrees and the two go to the top of the tower to meet with Prett Swain, a female Mon Cal. She points out many beautiful piece of art they carry and after a while rewards their patience and Thaden’s inquisitiveness with a visit to the back room show pieces. The back room is well guarded and contains both highly prized black market blasters, speeders, and Jedi/Sith artifacts. Thaden purchases a couple blasters while Memcha talks shop with Swain. After their visit Memcha offers Thaden a business opportunity to recover some Force artifacts and if the crew is willing to accompany her and Syychi.

When Ventoux and company arrive back on Socorro Thaden brings up their new possible business venture while they wait for Captain Victus to return from the gambling den. When Captain Victus returns he brings a new crew member. An EV-3 droid he calls Eve. She ran one of the gambling tables at Tiranga’s Loft and he had been flirting with her the last time they were on Socorro. He bought out her contract with Tiranga as she has codes that can help them pull a bank job in the Corporate Sector. There is going to be a large sum of money transferred in one of the banks and a couple points at which it will be vulnerable. While in the corporate sector they are technically heisting millions of dollars, in order to make things safe they will be exchanging it for Imperial credits which will still net them roughly 50 grand per crew member.

Given that they have a couple weeks until the bank job needs to be dealt with the crew opts to take Memcha’s offer and deal with it first before she finds another crew to help her. On their way to Boz Pity, Alma begins to freak out. She claims the walls are making fun of her. Putting on Alma’s bracelet they realize it’s not any of the dark influences that were tormenting her before, this is one of her psychoses flaring up.

They do their best to calm her down and talk to Dayrius about what can be done. While a physical wound or disease he could heal through the Force, matters of the mind are beyond his ability. She is broken in ways he can not repair. He encourages them to take her to a Caduceaus Galactic station. The doctors and physicians there do not take sides in the war and service anyone in need. Imperial, Rebel, or other.

At another point along the way in hyperspace there is an attempt made by Alma’s sisters to make their presence known on the ship once more. However, Dayrius manages to repel them. Thaden questions Dayrius as he believed Dayrius promised they would be safe from any outside influence with him aboard. Dayrius then explains that there was nothing he could do to keep the girls from finding Alma as they had a link through the Force with her. But he was more than a match should they actually try to harm her.

On Boz Pity at last and Thaden’s Z-95 is ready for an atmospheric field test with the drop bay installed. The field test turns to a combat test as the ship is beset by some sort of metallic flying mantas. Thaden handles the Z-95 pretty well and EVE manages to help him out a bit. However, the Z-95 being an older model is definitely lacking some serious firepower. Still with ADAM manning the Turtle’s top gun they manage to make a safe planet fall.

Before leaving the ship Dayrius gives the crew a word of advice that there are presences on planet that may not take kindly to what they are setting out to do. Along the way Thaden manages to slip off the path and into a Rancor graveyard. He absentmindedly takes a claw for D’jaliah thus enraging the spirits of the dead. The skeletal Rancor reassembles itself and chases after them causing Princess Buttercup to separate from the group and become lost.

The rest of the crew make it to the crash point for the lost ship they were looking for and scramble into the cave. Whether they remember Dayrius’ warning or just come to their senses on their own, they finally think to give the claw back and throw it outside the cave before going back to their actual pay off. As Adam cuts into the ship, Buttercup meanwhile is having a conversation with a dead Kitonak Jedi Master.

The Kitonak takes pity on her naivete and clears the mist for the Princess so that she can find her way back to her friends…in case they need something punched apparently. After ADAM gets them into the cargo hold of the crashed ship they manage to recover even more artifacts and lightsabers than they had originally estimated. They also find a manifest with the dead crewmen that details a bit of what the artifacts were.

With the skeletal rancor gone, the crew makes off with their haul before they disturb any more dead. Back to Socorro they study the recovered artifacts and discuss what if anything may be kept in lieu of profit.



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