Fear and Loathing in Mos Eisley

Transcending History

Fates intertwined through time

Before arriving on Raxas Prime the crew discovers they picked up a stow away from their recent visit to the squib’s. It seems as though Princess Buttercup, the King’s daughter, stashed away aboard the ship and has been hiding in the vents and playing with Alma. D’jaliah is upset that Buttercup has taken some things from her room, but the Captain convinces the Princess that it’d be better to return D’jaliah’s stuff than be spaced. They decide to keep the princess around as she makes a good friend/babysitter for Alma.

Searching Raxas Prime for the voice Alma heard they find a strange structure made of trashed Star Destroyers. Thaden and Doak seem to think the Star Destroyers are laid out like some sort of trashed Voltron. They land and ADAM discovers that someone seems to be working on the Star Destroyers and trying to make them functional. They find the Kamden Paratus and the Force Apparition of his father, Jedi Master Kazden Paratus.

They speak of a prophecy, “The Four feed into the One”, they say none of them will likely live to see the prophecy in their lifetime. Yet they build upon the structure for “the Awakening” when “great Sith rises”. Both Kamden and Kazden speak in crazed tones and it’s difficult to believe either of them. As Doak and Thaden begin to question Kazden on the truth and what happened to the Jedi Council, he becomes quite agitated and unleashes a Force explosion that knocks around the crew and he disappears.

Kamden takes them to see the “shrine” his father built to the old Jedi Council after the purge. Kazden’s guilt at leaving and not fighting during the purge caused him a lot of survivors guilt and he rebuilt the council from trash. He would spend a lot of time trying to explain his actions and asking forgiveness of his surrogate council. He believes a great cataclysm is coming and this is the only defense against it. He explains to them that it is best not to try and talk to his father about about the council as it is likely to upset him.

They ask Kamden if he knows of any Jedi Masters that may still be around that they can speak with. Kamden can only think of two. There is Galen Starkiller, the one who killed his father a couple years ago, and the apparition of a Jensaarai that appears in the halls of the structure from time to time. Of course he talks about it in a much more confusing manner. After a scary encounter with a life systems test they return to the ship. On board the ship they finally encounter the Jensaarai. A figure clad in dark red spiky armor appears from nowhere. The ship is familiar but it’s the wrong crew. She doesn’t recognize anyone as part of her crew and realizes this is the wrong time. The crew tries to ask her some questions but as she claims to have answered their questions the last time they met, it just hasn’t happened for them yet. Since she is walking backwards through time she claims they’ll meet on Socorro. However, she makes one last stop to say hello to her Captain, Fae Victus.

The crew decides that despite their hesitation to return to Socorro, it may be their best hope of finding answers. The Captain and Fae Victus took the liberty of putting in word with their contacts on Socorro. No one has yet been seen asking for the crew, though there were a trio asking about the archaeologists. As an extra precaution the captain is splitting off from the crew. If anyone is looking for them they’ll be looking for a crew captained by a Shistavanen, no one will be looking for a crew captained by an R5 unit. The captain will take some of his pack from Uvena with him to investigate the Ceres Spacestation while the rest of the crew hits Socorro.

On the way to Socorro Alma shrieks as shadows starts to move around the ship. She claims her sisters are there on the ship. D’jaliah tries putting Alma’s bracelet on her but the shadows continue to contort. The crew has Captain Victus turn up the lights to drive back the shadows, but it is a temporary solution as the lights on full burn will cut through their fuel supply as well as heat up the ship to untolerable levels for the more meat based members of the crew. ADAM will be okay though.

They give Alma Obi Wan’s lightsaber and have the Captain manage the lights so they can bottleneck the shadows. They managed to strike at the shadows and kill the figures coming through. This time without anyone trying to kill D’jaliah. The figures hiding within the shadows however were not Alma’s sisters, but rather the three dead members of STARS left onboard the spacestation. It seems the sisters were animating their corpses and shadow shifting them onto the ship in hopes of taking back Alma. They take over the comms and threaten that if the crew will not give them back Alma then they will have to play with them instead.

After rolling the bodies for their spare change the crew drops them into the nearest sun and then visit the judges of the dead on Socorro. They arrive early and it will be a while until the Jensaarai appears. However, someone else seems to take an interest in them. Alma can tell they are being watched. No one is able to find or detect who is watching them but eventually a figure wearing a death mask and black robes emerges.

He calls himself Death Dayrius, last of The Reapers, and he is curious as to what kind of person would darken the heart of an innocent such as Alma. There is some understandable mistrust towards him. He claims The Reapers serve the lord of the dead Mantorok. The seek out those that would extend their lives through unnatural means, such as Sith, and bring about their ending. Some of the crew seem to wish to have him help Alma and themselves learn to control the Force, others do not trust him. While he is hesitant to teach those that will not take up the mantle of Reaper, he believes that perhaps there is merit in showing them what he knows to teach them more of the Reapers in hopes of recruiting them.

While awaiting the Jensaarai an argument between D’jaliah and Thaden erupts. Alma getting scared by D’jaliah’s anger retreats into her mind and constructs a nightmare version of her Tribe sister. While D’jaliah is quick to react, Dayrius helps Alma to dispel the construct and control the darkness within her.

Finally, Defender Freya Odenadi, Saarai-Kaar of the Jensaarai walks with the currents of the Force to arrive at the Judges. She tells them more of the prophecy that threatens her time, unsure how they are becoming wrapped up in it. She tells them of the four that feed into the one. Xel’lath’s madness, Ulyoath’s pain, Mantorok’s Fear, and Chatur’gha’s anger. All doing Sith’s bidding, even unknowingly for Mantorok. Freya seeks answers from the past looking for some mistake that was made. Still looking for a connection they ask Freya that knowing Fae Victus if she also knew Captain Ventoux. Freya has no knowledge of this name. Believing this means Captain Ventoux is walking into a slaughter at Ceres they ask if it is possible to Shadow Shift that far.

Dayrius says it is possible but very difficult, it would be easier if some of them could learn to shift and help carry the burden brought on by the distance. He warns them that to learn Shadow Shift will start them upon a dark path and it is not one to be taken up lightly. D’jaliah and Doak are both willing to learn this technique regardless of the risk. He helps them to unlock the powers latent within them and together the three of them teleport to save the big puppy.

The captain is surprised by the sudden appearance of D’jaliah in his lap. However, after a bit of convincing he takes their word and turns the ship around for Socorro.

Meanwhile on Socorro, Thaden begins to question Freya on if they can trust Dayrius…



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