Fear and Loathing in Mos Eisley

Training Day

And with strange aeons even Death may die

On the way back to Socorro there are discussions as to what should be kept of the artifacts recovered. It will cut into their profits but some of the crew believe they may be worthwhile. Jake SF is asked to see if he can get the Holocron of Aeris Nightwind working and they may consider keeping it. Jake learns from Death Dayrius that he can recharge the Holocron through the Force. He does this in seclusion in his room and after some time he does manage to get it working.

He speaks to Jedi Master Nightwind and tells him of the crew’s current situation in dealing with Alma and the Reaper. The Jedi cautions him that while Alma is young she could easily fall to the darkside under the tutelage of the Reaper. He cautions Jake SF not to trust the Reaper and even goes so far as to advise him to try and kill him.

When they finally arrive on Socorro D’jaliah and Thaden are curious to see if Jake SF has had any luck activating the Holocron. Jake lies to them, poorly, and says he just needs more time with it, but would prefer to keep it around rather than sell it. While Thaden doesn’t believe him, they are willing to just let it go so long as Jake is willing to pay the crew back for lost profits. Thaden, feeling Jake is acting strangely, asks the Captain to keep an eye on him.

On planet, Adam and Doak go with Memcha to make the drop. Things go smoothly and their ability to authenticate the relics nets the crew some bonus pay. While picking up parts for a weapon slot ADAM runs into Dayrius also buying some electronics.

Back on the ship Captain Victus confronts Thaden with some disturbing news. A bounty notice was recently sent out on Thaden for $250,000 credits. The captains assures Thaden that he doesn’t believe there is any danger on Socorro or with the current crew, then again he also has no idea that Jake may or may not be plotting to kill Dayrius with the help of a long dead Jedi.

Thaden does not take the news well and he and D’jaliah talk about what this could mean and what options he may have. Meanwhile Jake SF has a brief chat with Alma, worried about what Dayrius is teaching her. He also makes the mistake of offering to play with her if she would like. She would very much like to play Hide and Seek. Jake starts counting to twenty while Alma shadow shifts around the ship.

Jake somehow manages to work his way into a maintenance hatch and gets stuck underneath the floor panels of the ship. Thaden and D’jaliah can hear a muffled Jake SF and use it as a test for The HUD. It pinpoints him underneath them and they borrow some of ADAM’s tools to get him out. They also use it to track down Alma and realize she is “cheating” by shifting around the ship anytime they get close.

When Jake manages to get stuck a second time they call Alma out of hiding and ask her to just yank Jake out with her shadow shift ability. She screws up however and manages to lodge him in the ships gun well. Jake is left to meditate in the gun well while they wait for ADAM to return and get him out.

With Jake out of the gun well the ship heads out for the Corporate Sector. On the way Dayrius and Alma borrow part of ADAM’s workstation so she can begin constructing her own light weapon, a Light Scythe, the weapon of a Reaper. She adorns the hilt in much the same manner as D’jaliah has previously instructed her in her glaive construction. D’jaliah also gets the idea to have Dayrius train herself and Thaden to disguise themselves with The Force much in the same way Dayrius projects his death mask and skeletal visage. Dayrius agrees to train them alongside Alma if they wish to learn.

While Alma learns to fight with a Light Scythe and Thaden and D’jaliah learn to alter others perceptions, Jake SF is secretly training with Aeris to kill Dayrius. With Alma’s Force negating bracelet, the young padawan may just stand a chance at killing the Reaper.



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