Fear and Loathing in Mos Eisley

The Heist

What could go wrong?

D’jaliah, Thaden, and Alma are working on their own lightweapons with Death Dayrius. A sudden shock from the scythe sends Alma into a trance. When she comes out she is crying for Thaden not to go to Saffalore because he’s going to die there. She uses her powers to almost rip the ship out of hyperspace before the captain manages to shut it down.

Alma shares with Thaden her blurry vision of the future. She sees Thaden being shot with a blaster bolt making a hole in clear through his head. They try to calm her down and ADAM and R5 begin repairs on the ship as they slowly limp on the back up hyperdrive. In all the ruckus they decide to check on Jake SF to make sure he is okay.

Jake is deep in meditation with the Holocron so that he doesn’t even notice them knocking. Worried because of the atmosphere leak they had on the ship they ask the captain to over ride the door. They are surprised to see he had gotten the Holocron working and hadn’t mentioned it to them. Aeris’ holocron scans over D’jaliah however and immediately shuts down, not trusting the darkness it senses in her.

Having a conversation with Jake SF they don’t really trust him when he says he plans to “deal with” Alma and the Reaper. D’jaliah warns Jake to stay away from Alma, and they go to warn Dayrius that Jake may be trying to kill him. Dayrius finds it laughable though he feels that Jake studying the path of the Jedi is very noble.

Dayrius and Thaden sit down for a heart to heart with Jake SF and seem to come to an understanding with him. He seemed less inclined to just stab Dayrius in the middle of the night and more likely to face him in honorable combat.

D’jaliah’s heart to heart with Alma is a bit more disturbing as she tries to reassure her that they will be looking after Thaden thanks to her warning. While D’jaliah tries to make a point that everyone dies eventually Alma seems to believe she can prevent this through sheer will power…and the Force…and she totally could. Kid is going to make a lousy Reaper.

Finally on Saffalore the crew starts plotting and planning the best way to pull the Heist. They decide they need to “borrow” some badges by sending some of the contracted employees on a company appreciation vacation. Which could go smoother if D’jaliah would stop knocking stuff over with her tail when she was sneaking around their apartments and stealing their badges. Still ADAM’s quick thinking and reassuring monotone help smooth things over and they are able to send in Buttercup and Jake SF to infiltrate and prepare things so they can hijack the credits and make them disappear from the system.

The crew intercepts the transport guards coming in from the rooftop but before they can go downstairs and start loading up their ill gotten gains, more blips appear on The HUD to join the party. One of the four blips goes out quickly and blaster fire can be heard even in the stairwell. The guard blips shortly disappear and Jake brings up the security feed. Seems four Chiss entered the building, one was shot through the head immediately by the guards looking an awful lot like Alma’s misplaced vision. The Chiss then quickly dispatched all the guards in the area.

The leader, Albarwes’keran’ov, is pointing towards the stairwell, where the PCs are hiding. They are obviously there for Thaden, but still D’jaliah tries to convince Thaden they are after the money and they must race them to the vault. They get to the vault as fast as they can but the Chiss are on top of them before they can load up and get out.

Thaden talks with them and agrees to go peaceably if they will leave the crew alone. They agree but D’jaliah still tries to get an extra pay out and recover the bounty on Thaden. Wesker tells her he is feeling generous and is valuing the lives of the crew at $250,000 and allowing them to live. Considering he can kill them with his mind, it is a pretty generous offer.

Thaden walks away with the Chiss of the Potentium telling him that he is the son of Mitth’raw’nuruodo and that it is time to go home. His father wishes to have him by his side, though they are not telling him why just yet. Thaden does his best to trail behind the other Chiss, but can they come up with a plan to get him out of this? And what are those dark whispers starting to form at the back of his mind?



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