Fear and Loathing in Mos Eisley

The Heist
What could go wrong?

D’jaliah, Thaden, and Alma are working on their own lightweapons with Death Dayrius. A sudden shock from the scythe sends Alma into a trance. When she comes out she is crying for Thaden not to go to Saffalore because he’s going to die there. She uses her powers to almost rip the ship out of hyperspace before the captain manages to shut it down.

Alma shares with Thaden her blurry vision of the future. She sees Thaden being shot with a blaster bolt making a hole in clear through his head. They try to calm her down and ADAM and R5 begin repairs on the ship as they slowly limp on the back up hyperdrive. In all the ruckus they decide to check on Jake SF to make sure he is okay.

Jake is deep in meditation with the Holocron so that he doesn’t even notice them knocking. Worried because of the atmosphere leak they had on the ship they ask the captain to over ride the door. They are surprised to see he had gotten the Holocron working and hadn’t mentioned it to them. Aeris’ holocron scans over D’jaliah however and immediately shuts down, not trusting the darkness it senses in her.

Having a conversation with Jake SF they don’t really trust him when he says he plans to “deal with” Alma and the Reaper. D’jaliah warns Jake to stay away from Alma, and they go to warn Dayrius that Jake may be trying to kill him. Dayrius finds it laughable though he feels that Jake studying the path of the Jedi is very noble.

Dayrius and Thaden sit down for a heart to heart with Jake SF and seem to come to an understanding with him. He seemed less inclined to just stab Dayrius in the middle of the night and more likely to face him in honorable combat.

D’jaliah’s heart to heart with Alma is a bit more disturbing as she tries to reassure her that they will be looking after Thaden thanks to her warning. While D’jaliah tries to make a point that everyone dies eventually Alma seems to believe she can prevent this through sheer will power…and the Force…and she totally could. Kid is going to make a lousy Reaper.

Finally on Saffalore the crew starts plotting and planning the best way to pull the Heist. They decide they need to “borrow” some badges by sending some of the contracted employees on a company appreciation vacation. Which could go smoother if D’jaliah would stop knocking stuff over with her tail when she was sneaking around their apartments and stealing their badges. Still ADAM’s quick thinking and reassuring monotone help smooth things over and they are able to send in Buttercup and Jake SF to infiltrate and prepare things so they can hijack the credits and make them disappear from the system.

The crew intercepts the transport guards coming in from the rooftop but before they can go downstairs and start loading up their ill gotten gains, more blips appear on The HUD to join the party. One of the four blips goes out quickly and blaster fire can be heard even in the stairwell. The guard blips shortly disappear and Jake brings up the security feed. Seems four Chiss entered the building, one was shot through the head immediately by the guards looking an awful lot like Alma’s misplaced vision. The Chiss then quickly dispatched all the guards in the area.

The leader, Albarwes’keran’ov, is pointing towards the stairwell, where the PCs are hiding. They are obviously there for Thaden, but still D’jaliah tries to convince Thaden they are after the money and they must race them to the vault. They get to the vault as fast as they can but the Chiss are on top of them before they can load up and get out.

Thaden talks with them and agrees to go peaceably if they will leave the crew alone. They agree but D’jaliah still tries to get an extra pay out and recover the bounty on Thaden. Wesker tells her he is feeling generous and is valuing the lives of the crew at $250,000 and allowing them to live. Considering he can kill them with his mind, it is a pretty generous offer.

Thaden walks away with the Chiss of the Potentium telling him that he is the son of Mitth’raw’nuruodo and that it is time to go home. His father wishes to have him by his side, though they are not telling him why just yet. Thaden does his best to trail behind the other Chiss, but can they come up with a plan to get him out of this? And what are those dark whispers starting to form at the back of his mind?

Training Day
And with strange aeons even Death may die

On the way back to Socorro there are discussions as to what should be kept of the artifacts recovered. It will cut into their profits but some of the crew believe they may be worthwhile. Jake SF is asked to see if he can get the Holocron of Aeris Nightwind working and they may consider keeping it. Jake learns from Death Dayrius that he can recharge the Holocron through the Force. He does this in seclusion in his room and after some time he does manage to get it working.

He speaks to Jedi Master Nightwind and tells him of the crew’s current situation in dealing with Alma and the Reaper. The Jedi cautions him that while Alma is young she could easily fall to the darkside under the tutelage of the Reaper. He cautions Jake SF not to trust the Reaper and even goes so far as to advise him to try and kill him.

When they finally arrive on Socorro D’jaliah and Thaden are curious to see if Jake SF has had any luck activating the Holocron. Jake lies to them, poorly, and says he just needs more time with it, but would prefer to keep it around rather than sell it. While Thaden doesn’t believe him, they are willing to just let it go so long as Jake is willing to pay the crew back for lost profits. Thaden, feeling Jake is acting strangely, asks the Captain to keep an eye on him.

On planet, Adam and Doak go with Memcha to make the drop. Things go smoothly and their ability to authenticate the relics nets the crew some bonus pay. While picking up parts for a weapon slot ADAM runs into Dayrius also buying some electronics.

Back on the ship Captain Victus confronts Thaden with some disturbing news. A bounty notice was recently sent out on Thaden for $250,000 credits. The captains assures Thaden that he doesn’t believe there is any danger on Socorro or with the current crew, then again he also has no idea that Jake may or may not be plotting to kill Dayrius with the help of a long dead Jedi.

Thaden does not take the news well and he and D’jaliah talk about what this could mean and what options he may have. Meanwhile Jake SF has a brief chat with Alma, worried about what Dayrius is teaching her. He also makes the mistake of offering to play with her if she would like. She would very much like to play Hide and Seek. Jake starts counting to twenty while Alma shadow shifts around the ship.

Jake somehow manages to work his way into a maintenance hatch and gets stuck underneath the floor panels of the ship. Thaden and D’jaliah can hear a muffled Jake SF and use it as a test for The HUD. It pinpoints him underneath them and they borrow some of ADAM’s tools to get him out. They also use it to track down Alma and realize she is “cheating” by shifting around the ship anytime they get close.

When Jake manages to get stuck a second time they call Alma out of hiding and ask her to just yank Jake out with her shadow shift ability. She screws up however and manages to lodge him in the ships gun well. Jake is left to meditate in the gun well while they wait for ADAM to return and get him out.

With Jake out of the gun well the ship heads out for the Corporate Sector. On the way Dayrius and Alma borrow part of ADAM’s workstation so she can begin constructing her own light weapon, a Light Scythe, the weapon of a Reaper. She adorns the hilt in much the same manner as D’jaliah has previously instructed her in her glaive construction. D’jaliah also gets the idea to have Dayrius train herself and Thaden to disguise themselves with The Force much in the same way Dayrius projects his death mask and skeletal visage. Dayrius agrees to train them alongside Alma if they wish to learn.

While Alma learns to fight with a Light Scythe and Thaden and D’jaliah learn to alter others perceptions, Jake SF is secretly training with Aeris to kill Dayrius. With Alma’s Force negating bracelet, the young padawan may just stand a chance at killing the Reaper.

We Sell the Dead
Grave robbers from outerspace

In an alternate universe : Had D’jaliah, Doak, and Dayrius not warned Captain Ventoux about the trap awaiting them on Ceres spacestation the pack would not have survived. The captain would have called them from the spacestation but it would have been a dead Force puppet much like the remainder of the STARS team that had gone to retrieve Alma. He would have told the crew in a hollow voice that everything was fine there and they should join him as there was something they needed to see. One of Alma’s sisters might have been noticeable in the background mouthing the words the captain spoke…..

Meanwhile in the reality that is, back on Socorro Thaden wraps up his talk with Freya, and she continues her Flow Walk, where ever the currents of the Force may take her. Thaden and ADAM go to take the blaster parts to Swain Import/Export where they run into the crew’s old friends Memcha and Syychi. Memcha isn’t convinced Swain is what they say they are, as it’s supposed to be an art gallery that just took in a shipment of blaster parts. Memcha had received an invite to a special showing and is now asking Thaden to act as escort as she’s worried it’s not exactly on the up and up.

Thaden agrees and the two go to the top of the tower to meet with Prett Swain, a female Mon Cal. She points out many beautiful piece of art they carry and after a while rewards their patience and Thaden’s inquisitiveness with a visit to the back room show pieces. The back room is well guarded and contains both highly prized black market blasters, speeders, and Jedi/Sith artifacts. Thaden purchases a couple blasters while Memcha talks shop with Swain. After their visit Memcha offers Thaden a business opportunity to recover some Force artifacts and if the crew is willing to accompany her and Syychi.

When Ventoux and company arrive back on Socorro Thaden brings up their new possible business venture while they wait for Captain Victus to return from the gambling den. When Captain Victus returns he brings a new crew member. An EV-3 droid he calls Eve. She ran one of the gambling tables at Tiranga’s Loft and he had been flirting with her the last time they were on Socorro. He bought out her contract with Tiranga as she has codes that can help them pull a bank job in the Corporate Sector. There is going to be a large sum of money transferred in one of the banks and a couple points at which it will be vulnerable. While in the corporate sector they are technically heisting millions of dollars, in order to make things safe they will be exchanging it for Imperial credits which will still net them roughly 50 grand per crew member.

Given that they have a couple weeks until the bank job needs to be dealt with the crew opts to take Memcha’s offer and deal with it first before she finds another crew to help her. On their way to Boz Pity, Alma begins to freak out. She claims the walls are making fun of her. Putting on Alma’s bracelet they realize it’s not any of the dark influences that were tormenting her before, this is one of her psychoses flaring up.

They do their best to calm her down and talk to Dayrius about what can be done. While a physical wound or disease he could heal through the Force, matters of the mind are beyond his ability. She is broken in ways he can not repair. He encourages them to take her to a Caduceaus Galactic station. The doctors and physicians there do not take sides in the war and service anyone in need. Imperial, Rebel, or other.

At another point along the way in hyperspace there is an attempt made by Alma’s sisters to make their presence known on the ship once more. However, Dayrius manages to repel them. Thaden questions Dayrius as he believed Dayrius promised they would be safe from any outside influence with him aboard. Dayrius then explains that there was nothing he could do to keep the girls from finding Alma as they had a link through the Force with her. But he was more than a match should they actually try to harm her.

On Boz Pity at last and Thaden’s Z-95 is ready for an atmospheric field test with the drop bay installed. The field test turns to a combat test as the ship is beset by some sort of metallic flying mantas. Thaden handles the Z-95 pretty well and EVE manages to help him out a bit. However, the Z-95 being an older model is definitely lacking some serious firepower. Still with ADAM manning the Turtle’s top gun they manage to make a safe planet fall.

Before leaving the ship Dayrius gives the crew a word of advice that there are presences on planet that may not take kindly to what they are setting out to do. Along the way Thaden manages to slip off the path and into a Rancor graveyard. He absentmindedly takes a claw for D’jaliah thus enraging the spirits of the dead. The skeletal Rancor reassembles itself and chases after them causing Princess Buttercup to separate from the group and become lost.

The rest of the crew make it to the crash point for the lost ship they were looking for and scramble into the cave. Whether they remember Dayrius’ warning or just come to their senses on their own, they finally think to give the claw back and throw it outside the cave before going back to their actual pay off. As Adam cuts into the ship, Buttercup meanwhile is having a conversation with a dead Kitonak Jedi Master.

The Kitonak takes pity on her naivete and clears the mist for the Princess so that she can find her way back to her friends…in case they need something punched apparently. After ADAM gets them into the cargo hold of the crashed ship they manage to recover even more artifacts and lightsabers than they had originally estimated. They also find a manifest with the dead crewmen that details a bit of what the artifacts were.

With the skeletal rancor gone, the crew makes off with their haul before they disturb any more dead. Back to Socorro they study the recovered artifacts and discuss what if anything may be kept in lieu of profit.

Transcending History
Fates intertwined through time

Before arriving on Raxas Prime the crew discovers they picked up a stow away from their recent visit to the squib’s. It seems as though Princess Buttercup, the King’s daughter, stashed away aboard the ship and has been hiding in the vents and playing with Alma. D’jaliah is upset that Buttercup has taken some things from her room, but the Captain convinces the Princess that it’d be better to return D’jaliah’s stuff than be spaced. They decide to keep the princess around as she makes a good friend/babysitter for Alma.

Searching Raxas Prime for the voice Alma heard they find a strange structure made of trashed Star Destroyers. Thaden and Doak seem to think the Star Destroyers are laid out like some sort of trashed Voltron. They land and ADAM discovers that someone seems to be working on the Star Destroyers and trying to make them functional. They find the Kamden Paratus and the Force Apparition of his father, Jedi Master Kazden Paratus.

They speak of a prophecy, “The Four feed into the One”, they say none of them will likely live to see the prophecy in their lifetime. Yet they build upon the structure for “the Awakening” when “great Sith rises”. Both Kamden and Kazden speak in crazed tones and it’s difficult to believe either of them. As Doak and Thaden begin to question Kazden on the truth and what happened to the Jedi Council, he becomes quite agitated and unleashes a Force explosion that knocks around the crew and he disappears.

Kamden takes them to see the “shrine” his father built to the old Jedi Council after the purge. Kazden’s guilt at leaving and not fighting during the purge caused him a lot of survivors guilt and he rebuilt the council from trash. He would spend a lot of time trying to explain his actions and asking forgiveness of his surrogate council. He believes a great cataclysm is coming and this is the only defense against it. He explains to them that it is best not to try and talk to his father about about the council as it is likely to upset him.

They ask Kamden if he knows of any Jedi Masters that may still be around that they can speak with. Kamden can only think of two. There is Galen Starkiller, the one who killed his father a couple years ago, and the apparition of a Jensaarai that appears in the halls of the structure from time to time. Of course he talks about it in a much more confusing manner. After a scary encounter with a life systems test they return to the ship. On board the ship they finally encounter the Jensaarai. A figure clad in dark red spiky armor appears from nowhere. The ship is familiar but it’s the wrong crew. She doesn’t recognize anyone as part of her crew and realizes this is the wrong time. The crew tries to ask her some questions but as she claims to have answered their questions the last time they met, it just hasn’t happened for them yet. Since she is walking backwards through time she claims they’ll meet on Socorro. However, she makes one last stop to say hello to her Captain, Fae Victus.

The crew decides that despite their hesitation to return to Socorro, it may be their best hope of finding answers. The Captain and Fae Victus took the liberty of putting in word with their contacts on Socorro. No one has yet been seen asking for the crew, though there were a trio asking about the archaeologists. As an extra precaution the captain is splitting off from the crew. If anyone is looking for them they’ll be looking for a crew captained by a Shistavanen, no one will be looking for a crew captained by an R5 unit. The captain will take some of his pack from Uvena with him to investigate the Ceres Spacestation while the rest of the crew hits Socorro.

On the way to Socorro Alma shrieks as shadows starts to move around the ship. She claims her sisters are there on the ship. D’jaliah tries putting Alma’s bracelet on her but the shadows continue to contort. The crew has Captain Victus turn up the lights to drive back the shadows, but it is a temporary solution as the lights on full burn will cut through their fuel supply as well as heat up the ship to untolerable levels for the more meat based members of the crew. ADAM will be okay though.

They give Alma Obi Wan’s lightsaber and have the Captain manage the lights so they can bottleneck the shadows. They managed to strike at the shadows and kill the figures coming through. This time without anyone trying to kill D’jaliah. The figures hiding within the shadows however were not Alma’s sisters, but rather the three dead members of STARS left onboard the spacestation. It seems the sisters were animating their corpses and shadow shifting them onto the ship in hopes of taking back Alma. They take over the comms and threaten that if the crew will not give them back Alma then they will have to play with them instead.

After rolling the bodies for their spare change the crew drops them into the nearest sun and then visit the judges of the dead on Socorro. They arrive early and it will be a while until the Jensaarai appears. However, someone else seems to take an interest in them. Alma can tell they are being watched. No one is able to find or detect who is watching them but eventually a figure wearing a death mask and black robes emerges.

He calls himself Death Dayrius, last of The Reapers, and he is curious as to what kind of person would darken the heart of an innocent such as Alma. There is some understandable mistrust towards him. He claims The Reapers serve the lord of the dead Mantorok. The seek out those that would extend their lives through unnatural means, such as Sith, and bring about their ending. Some of the crew seem to wish to have him help Alma and themselves learn to control the Force, others do not trust him. While he is hesitant to teach those that will not take up the mantle of Reaper, he believes that perhaps there is merit in showing them what he knows to teach them more of the Reapers in hopes of recruiting them.

While awaiting the Jensaarai an argument between D’jaliah and Thaden erupts. Alma getting scared by D’jaliah’s anger retreats into her mind and constructs a nightmare version of her Tribe sister. While D’jaliah is quick to react, Dayrius helps Alma to dispel the construct and control the darkness within her.

Finally, Defender Freya Odenadi, Saarai-Kaar of the Jensaarai walks with the currents of the Force to arrive at the Judges. She tells them more of the prophecy that threatens her time, unsure how they are becoming wrapped up in it. She tells them of the four that feed into the one. Xel’lath’s madness, Ulyoath’s pain, Mantorok’s Fear, and Chatur’gha’s anger. All doing Sith’s bidding, even unknowingly for Mantorok. Freya seeks answers from the past looking for some mistake that was made. Still looking for a connection they ask Freya that knowing Fae Victus if she also knew Captain Ventoux. Freya has no knowledge of this name. Believing this means Captain Ventoux is walking into a slaughter at Ceres they ask if it is possible to Shadow Shift that far.

Dayrius says it is possible but very difficult, it would be easier if some of them could learn to shift and help carry the burden brought on by the distance. He warns them that to learn Shadow Shift will start them upon a dark path and it is not one to be taken up lightly. D’jaliah and Doak are both willing to learn this technique regardless of the risk. He helps them to unlock the powers latent within them and together the three of them teleport to save the big puppy.

The captain is surprised by the sudden appearance of D’jaliah in his lap. However, after a bit of convincing he takes their word and turns the ship around for Socorro.

Meanwhile on Socorro, Thaden begins to question Freya on if they can trust Dayrius…

Grave Concerns
Remnants of the Past

While on Uvena III the crew uses Victus’ family connections to score an old Z-95 headhunter and get info on the Squibs or Ugors. It turns out the Victus pack does do business with the Squibs contracted to the empire and can get them a meeting with the squibs to try and locate the wreckage of the Deathstar and get a lead on the last known whereabouts of General Kenobi. They may also pickup an artificial gravity device from the Death Star to pay off Thaden’s newly acquired Z-95.

ADAM manages to smelt down the slug rounds from the STARS rifle and makes a bracelet for Alma. The bracelet has the desired effect of cutting her off from the Force. However, it seems Alma is partially Blind and Deaf without the Force or she has been so reliant on it that her natural senses have atrophied.

Before talking with the squib Alma mentions she can hear someone on the surface of the planet. There is a crazed voice below speaking of having to “leave them behind” and lamenting that he coud not “stand and fight with them”. Alma is not keen to speak with the crazed voice so the crew meet with the eccentric junk worshippers known as the squib on a spacestation above Raxas Prime. King Emveedeeveedeebeedee, high chieftain of the great squibs offer to let the crew pilgrimage to the planet’s surface and make offerings if they wish to become part of the tribe. They receive a great discount on becoming tribe due to Doak honoring the great chieftain with a shiny pen.

The crew is about to make planet fall and look for the Death Star when they finally decide to ask about it. As it turns out the squib do not have this wreckage. Their rivals, the Ugors, stole the wreckage before they had a chance to salvage it. They agree to bring back a holy artifact from the wreckage for the squibs in exchanged for the location of the Ugor’s trash pile.

Keeping a safe distance from the ring of trash that orbits the Ugor planet, the crew observe the garbage patrols and manage to figure out the timing of the pattern of the patrols. They managed to land the ship on the remains of the Death Star unnoticed. The docking bay is still filled with dead and dismembered Storm Troopers and officers. ADAM is able to run some scans and find a working data port and Jake is able to slice into it.

It appears as if all files pertaining to General Kenobi were purged from the Death Star. However it also appears that the data was downloaded to someone’s personal quarters before the purge. Before the crew really get a chance to explore they are attacked by a group of feral droids. Void droids, as they are known, droids gone too long without human contact or memory wipes forced to survive by scavenging power packs and other droids. Led by Dr. Ball they demand the crew surrender ADAM and the powerpacks from their blasters. The crew answer the droids by opening fire. After defeating the droids they decide to try and repair and scavenge the droids themselves.

Not knowing how long it will take and wanting to scavenge even more supplies the crew have the Captain, R5, and Alma leave the wreckage with a plan to come back between the patrols in another two hours. Alma is visibly disturbed by all those that died on board. D’jaliah makes sure Alma puts on the newly made Force blocking bracelet for the duration of their stay here.

The crew first makes their way to the quarters in which the data on Kenobi was downloaded. The come face to face with the mask of Vader and ADAM promptly shuts the door on him. After realizing the door isn’t opening on it’s own and they are not being hunted down they reopen and realize it is just a mask of vader floating in the low gravity with a cloak attached. The quarters seem very spartan with just a weird black egg like chamber in the middle. They manage to find a couple lock boxes at least one which they suspect will have a data pad with the data their looking for.

Moving on through the garbage chute they of course wind up finding a dianoga. As D’jaliah is fighting with it, Doak decides to help by throwing a huge chunk of trash at the mass of tentacles. The trash flies wild and D’jaliah must dodge out of it’s way or be bashed in the head by it. She managed to avoid the trash but loses her footing and falls into the trash pile, entangling herself in the tentacles. After a lot of bad noise, D’jaliah manages to rip the dianoga apart with her bare claws. Thinking Doak was trying to hurt D’jaliah, Jake shakes his hand and says “Welcome to the crew.”

The rest of the trip through the Death Star is uneventful as the crew grabs the parts they promised both to the squibs and the Shistavanen. They also take a little time to raid a medic bay and come away with a couple crates of medpacs and an intact bacta tank. The ship returns about on schedule and they begin to furiously load up. As they load the stormtrooper pieces began to reassemble themselves. Seems like Alma got bored keeping her bracelet on the whole time and now that they were back on the Death Star felt echoes in the Force from all those that once died. D’jaliah rushes to her quarters and puts the bracelet back on her before they find out just what the plan was after the dead reassembled themselves.

The crew managed to jump out before they are even noticed by the Ugors and manage to return to the squib and Uvena III. Back on Uvena they plan their next move. Finding Kenobi’s robe and lightsaber along with a datapad of the fight with Darth Vader they assume Kenobi is either dead or as Alma suggests may have shadow shifted away. As the whole point of this excursion was to find Alma someone to help her focus her Force powers. Alma also manages to teach the crew how to work Kenobi’s lightsaber given that it can only be switched on with the Force. This also sparks the latent Force powers in much of the crew.

When Doak gives a more thorough history lesson to the crew about what he knows of the Jedi and the purge D’jaliah makes a startling connection. The voice Alma heard above Raxas Prime could very well be a survivor of the Jedi purge. With that being their new best lead the crew heads back for the Squibs Junkyard Paradise.

Finding Our Truth
Lost soul wrapped in shadows and nightmares

On their way to Tatooine, Thaden is awoken by something moving around in his locked quarters. Blaster drawn, Thaden turns on the lights and finds a Alma sleeping fitfully on his floor twitching as if she was having a nightmare. As shadowy tendrils retreat underneath his bed he cautiously awakens Alma who is as confused as he is as to how she got there. He takes her back to her room as a howl resounds throughout the ship, calling the crew to the cockpit.

The crew is surprised to find only R5 in the cockpit and not the captain. Turns out R5 has a prerecorded Shistavanen howl which is used to call the pack together. The captain is more than a little perturbed by this, but it is quickly overshadowed by what R5 shows them from the video feed to Alma’s room. As Alma’s nightmares started up the shadows in the room crept towards her until she was enveloped by them. As the shadows pull away again Alma is gone, as if they took her away. This happened only moments before Thaden awoke to find her in his room.

This only strengthens the crew’s resolve in finding someone that knows about the Force, and given the rumors of a General Kenobi having been spotted on Tatooine not long ago, Mos Eisley seems to be a good place to start searching. Jake and Thaden put out word that they’re looking to fence some Imperial goods and looking for any info on a General Kenobi. They are introduced to a man name Doak who has an in with the local Imperial garrison stationed on Tatooine to sell off their goods given that the local Imperials have trouble getting shipments in and are not above buying from smugglers. He also claims to be a researcher of the Jedi and if they can give him transport he’s willing to share what info he has on Kenobi and the Jedi.

Well still negotiating a pretty hefty chartering fee from Doak they agree to transport Doak to Correllia, despite their mistrust of researchers. He doesn’t scare Alma, but she does tug on D’jaliah’s tail and whisper to her, “He isn’t looking for a ride, he’s looking for the truth.” Alma herself doesn’t fully understand what this means, but D’jaliah seems to accept that Alma at least does not perceive him as a threat.

Back on board the ship while travelling to Correllia the crew discuss with Doak plans for locating Kenobi, including the possibility of searching the wreckage of the Death Star for any info on his last known whereabouts. The subject of Alderaan is brought up and while outwardly keeping his emotions in check it does stir up strong memories for Jake. Memories which Alma can’t help but latch on to. Shadows peel themselves off the wall, forming a floating globe in the middle of the room. D’jaliah attempts to snap Alma back to the present but when that proves unsuccessful instead slices at the globe. The shadow of Alderaan explodes knocking everyone in the room backwards. Doak getting hit worst of all and going unconscious.

D’jaliah patches everyone up and as they wake the Doak an excuse is made that they just hit some turbulence…in hyperspace…and a loose bulkhead hit him on the head. No one yet wanting to tell Doak everything about Alma. It’s also decided that maybe subjects like Alderaan shouldn’t be mentioned around Alma. Discussions are had all around while Alma is left to her own devices in D’jaliah’s quarters.

As they check on her before bedtime it appears Alma has plastered the room in pictures of eyes with the phrase “He sees me!” all around. She is huddled in a corner and very frightened. Turns out the cargo container she was kept in was lined with Mandalorian ore which has a Force negating component to it and it made her feel safe. D’jaliah calms her down until she sleeps and the rest of the trip to Correllia is blissfully uneventful.

While an agreement is made that they will likely be heading for Yavin to seek out the wreckage of the Death Star, D’jaliah is determined to keep the the terms of the charter contract in that it is fulfilled with them bringing Doak to Correllia and demands another charter fee if he wishes to accompany them to Yavin. Doak is not happy with the arrangement and leaves the ship claiming he will seek passage elsewhere. Of course due to a bit of local trouble Doak seems to have gotten himself in he decides leaving sooner is better than later and agrees to pay them once again.

Though having learned that the wreckage of the Death Star is likely in the hands of either the Squibs or the Ugors, they instead risk trusting one of R5’s alleged contacts and decide to try and speak with the Shistavanen pack that runs Victus Scapyards on Uvena III.

Before getting there Alma has another nightmare. This one summons something truly terrifying from the depths of her mind. It appears to be one of the doctors that experimented on her and he is covered in green glowing hypodermic needles that cover his body and are embedded in his eyes. It awakens Doak from his sleep and mistakenly calls him Alma. It charges at him and when Doak attempts to stab it, it dissipates into nothingness.

Doak and Thaden have a discussion on Alma while the girl practices her glaive training with D’jaliah and Jake. While neither side is 100% honest with each other, after looking at the hallway vids from the last night Thaden decides it may be for the best if they share a bit more about Alma. Another lengthy discussion ensues in which they determine that if there are uncontrollable Force outbursts on Alma’s part then they need to find a way to help her reign them in. Most options are varying degrees of difficult to impossible, but when they have ADAM do a sensor scan on the STARS rifle they discover it contained slugs made from the same Mandalorian ore as the box. There may be enough metal in it for ADAM to melt down and make a bracelet that could help Alma cut herself off from the Force and feel safer at night.

The crew then finds themselves arriving on Uvena III with a large welcoming committee. R5’s pack has come out to see their long gone pack brother come home. William Raynard Victus Senior, the elder of the pack comes out to greet him home. Turns out that R5 was built by the elder years ago and is considered his own son. The captain is left surprised by this and can only stare mouth agape at the little droid that would be wolf. Still questions are left for later as the Captain is busy greeting his own pack that traveled from Uvena Prime to meet with him so he could spend a bit of time with his own pup while in system.

A Simple Charter
Nothing is ever that simple

The players find their Captain drunk at Tiranga’s Loft and gambling away the upfront cash for their latest charter. D’jaliah convinces the captain to pass on to her what’s left of the credits while Thaden gets R5 to stop flirting with a gambling droid and they all get back to the ship. The charter is a simple drop off of two archaeologists and their recent find on Socorro to Caridia. Somehow the captain also managed to hire some new crew in his drunken state and a slicer by the name of Jake joins the crew of Great A’tuin.

Being that Caridia is a more civilized planet in Imperial space A-DA-M installs a relatively clean transponder on A’tuin denoting it as the Turtle Recall, as Jake hacks into the Imperial-net and makes sure to give the Recall a clean slate. The crew also manages to refuel the energy cells on the ship for about half the price of normal…pocketing the difference of course.

When their guests arrive the crew is more than a little suspicious about the cargo they’ve been asked to transport along with the archaeologists. Clara Redwind, the lead archaeologists, shows them faked scans of what is supposedly in the crate. Still not 100% satisfied with the answer they get, the crew has ADAM run some scans on the cargo container itself. While the stasis field within the crate is not unreasonable for their manifest, the life support systems are. Questioning Clara once more the crew is given a line about how the Captain was fully aware of what was REALLY being transported and they should speak with him if they take issue with smuggling live cargo.

While the crew goes to question the captain, Clara uses the precious little time she’s bought to hack the ships security systems and quietly warns her compatriot, Slab, that they may have to overpower the crew and take over the ship.

Though the Captain was too drunk to remember what happened, R5 recorded the conversation, and there was no mention of live cargo. Of course when trying to confront Clara about this they find her quarters locked down. Though Jake is able to over ride her security measures she also thought to rig the door with a flash bang grenade which manages to stun D’jaliah and incapacitate the Captain.

Thaden and Jake spring into action to try and stop Clara as she tries to rush past them to get to Slab so they can work together to possibly take out the crew. ADAM does his best to see to Slab, but being without any real combat programming he mostly ends up with a restraining bolt for his trouble. He does however coordinate with R5 with the brilliant idea of shutting down the life support systems to have them pass out from lack of oxygen. The plan never comes to fruition however as Jake manages a lucky shot, which he will not let anyone forget about later, and shuts down Slab by taking out his cybernetic power core.

Eventually the crew manages to incapacitate Clara and the begin the discussion of what to do with her and the unknown cargo. All Clara will tell them is that it is meant to be delivered to the Emperor and they will be hunted down if they do not drop her and the cargo off at the next port they make it to. The crew has intercepted a communication going out to Coruscant however and are reasonably sure no one knows about them and their last whereabouts.

The crew is ready to toss the cargo into the sun when Jake hacks Clara’s datapad and finds that the cargo is not just live…it’s a person. A female clone the Empire has experimented on and likely tortured endlessly. Upon telling the Captain he decides that regardless of the dangers they can’t just leave her in stasis or give her back to the Imperials. They open the cargo to find a 12 year old girl.

They do the best they can to not frighten her upon awakening and have D’jaliah greet her upon waking. D’jaliah makes sure Alma feels at ease upon awakening. Alma seems to trust D’jaliah and introduces her to the crew. Things go well despite the warnings of Alma’s uncontrollable powers up until Jake yells for the captain. Then Alma lets loose with a Force Push that almost imbeds him into the wall.

Alma seems to like the crew well enough, especially the non-human non-droid members. Still unsure who may be hunting them and if they will trace them to Socorro the crew considers laying low on Tatooine and may perhaps even head out for the corporate sector.


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