A droid that self identifies as a wolf



R5 is a quirky astromech droid the captain managed to bring on board by buying out his contract along with ADAM. These contracts once fulfilled will make R5 and ADAM free droids.

R5 has piloting skill beyond most astromechs. His handling of ships goes beyond basic programming to the point one would swear he was taught by a crack pilot.

Though he mostly keeps to himself and the cockpit anyone taking the time to talk with R5 would learn that he prefers to be called Fae Victus. This is old Shistavanen meaning 5th son of the Bloodmoon. He claims to be a Shistavanene Wolfman and a part of the Victus pack of Uvena III.

R5 claims to be an old and well traveled droid believing to have been in service since the days of the Old Republic and allegedly having many contacts for a simple astromech.


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