Fear and Loathing in Mos Eisley

A Simple Charter

Nothing is ever that simple

The players find their Captain drunk at Tiranga’s Loft and gambling away the upfront cash for their latest charter. D’jaliah convinces the captain to pass on to her what’s left of the credits while Thaden gets R5 to stop flirting with a gambling droid and they all get back to the ship. The charter is a simple drop off of two archaeologists and their recent find on Socorro to Caridia. Somehow the captain also managed to hire some new crew in his drunken state and a slicer by the name of Jake joins the crew of Great A’tuin.

Being that Caridia is a more civilized planet in Imperial space A-DA-M installs a relatively clean transponder on A’tuin denoting it as the Turtle Recall, as Jake hacks into the Imperial-net and makes sure to give the Recall a clean slate. The crew also manages to refuel the energy cells on the ship for about half the price of normal…pocketing the difference of course.

When their guests arrive the crew is more than a little suspicious about the cargo they’ve been asked to transport along with the archaeologists. Clara Redwind, the lead archaeologists, shows them faked scans of what is supposedly in the crate. Still not 100% satisfied with the answer they get, the crew has ADAM run some scans on the cargo container itself. While the stasis field within the crate is not unreasonable for their manifest, the life support systems are. Questioning Clara once more the crew is given a line about how the Captain was fully aware of what was REALLY being transported and they should speak with him if they take issue with smuggling live cargo.

While the crew goes to question the captain, Clara uses the precious little time she’s bought to hack the ships security systems and quietly warns her compatriot, Slab, that they may have to overpower the crew and take over the ship.

Though the Captain was too drunk to remember what happened, R5 recorded the conversation, and there was no mention of live cargo. Of course when trying to confront Clara about this they find her quarters locked down. Though Jake is able to over ride her security measures she also thought to rig the door with a flash bang grenade which manages to stun D’jaliah and incapacitate the Captain.

Thaden and Jake spring into action to try and stop Clara as she tries to rush past them to get to Slab so they can work together to possibly take out the crew. ADAM does his best to see to Slab, but being without any real combat programming he mostly ends up with a restraining bolt for his trouble. He does however coordinate with R5 with the brilliant idea of shutting down the life support systems to have them pass out from lack of oxygen. The plan never comes to fruition however as Jake manages a lucky shot, which he will not let anyone forget about later, and shuts down Slab by taking out his cybernetic power core.

Eventually the crew manages to incapacitate Clara and the begin the discussion of what to do with her and the unknown cargo. All Clara will tell them is that it is meant to be delivered to the Emperor and they will be hunted down if they do not drop her and the cargo off at the next port they make it to. The crew has intercepted a communication going out to Coruscant however and are reasonably sure no one knows about them and their last whereabouts.

The crew is ready to toss the cargo into the sun when Jake hacks Clara’s datapad and finds that the cargo is not just live…it’s a person. A female clone the Empire has experimented on and likely tortured endlessly. Upon telling the Captain he decides that regardless of the dangers they can’t just leave her in stasis or give her back to the Imperials. They open the cargo to find a 12 year old girl.

They do the best they can to not frighten her upon awakening and have D’jaliah greet her upon waking. D’jaliah makes sure Alma feels at ease upon awakening. Alma seems to trust D’jaliah and introduces her to the crew. Things go well despite the warnings of Alma’s uncontrollable powers up until Jake yells for the captain. Then Alma lets loose with a Force Push that almost imbeds him into the wall.

Alma seems to like the crew well enough, especially the non-human non-droid members. Still unsure who may be hunting them and if they will trace them to Socorro the crew considers laying low on Tatooine and may perhaps even head out for the corporate sector.



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